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About ZAIN Technologies

Welcome to ZAIN.

Providing Mixing Solutions since 1989.

ZAIN was created in 2009 as a reference guide to process mixing applications.


ZAIN offers you:

- Technical Training Seminars

- Design / Scale Up

- Setup Experimental parameters and metrics

- Optimization

- Vendor Selection

- Business Development

- Sales Cycle Evaluation (hunt & close opportunities)

- Market Research

- Develop Equipment Guides

- Develop Application Guides


Here you will find, mixing technology, mixing equipment and selection guides, market research information and business development guides.

A unique web site designed specifically to quench your thirst for practical knowledge regarding mixing equipment for the process industries.

Zain Technologies will offer you practical guidelines which you can take and apply to your mixing application needs as well as use these guidelines to select equipment or at least to be able to better evaluate the performance of mixing equipment you have on site.

Zain Technologies consists of a network of worldwide experts in the field of fluid mixing equipment who have solved many worldwide mixing problems. ZAIN personnel have over 20 years of experience in designing and selecting mixing equipment.

We have also compiled literature since 1947, on mixing as well as our own experiences and offered it to you on this website.

For example, you could take the book written by Carl Yackel and apply it to solve mixing applications in the pulp and paper industry. Rest assured, we have tested the book and sized mixing equipment based on the rules from this book and it works. No "black box" here.

At ZAIN we look forward to your feedback, and we are confident, you will use ZAIN as your valuable reference guide as well as your source for mixing equipment.