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Static Mixing Equipment

Here we will discuss the designs required based on your process needs.

Sanitary mixers are polished with triclamp ends.

High pressure units will required boiler pressure vessel ASME code welding and testing

Kowing the available pipe sizes makes your design cost effective and quicker to fabricate.

Knowing your material of construction also comes in handy. Most manufacturers will shy away from selecting the material for you since you know their process better than them.

Selecting mixers with specifications or without can make all the difference on price. A 16" static mixer for an offshore oil rig with stringent specs will cost you US$ 50,000.00. The same mixer without specs will cost you US$12,000.00.

Disposable Static Mixing Equipment

A very special market segment used extensively in the Dental Market, followed by the construction industry and adhesives and sealants industry.

Market size is estimated to be about 90 Million US$ in the USA. Dominated by 2-3 suppliers.

Of the 3 suppliers 2 are local and one is Europe based.

disposable mixer market