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Reynolds Number

Correct identification of the process is vital to ensure that the static mixer will perform.

Data required: Pipe size.  If pipe size is not available then, in turbulent flow, size smaller liquid pipes for a velocity of 3 feet/second, and larger ones up to 5 feet / second.

If there is a pressure drop limit, the Mixer diameter can be set to match this limit.

Flow Regime

The flow regime of the Mixer whether laminar, transitional or turbulent will dictate the number of elements through the Reynolds number table below. The equation for Reynolds number is as follows:-



Where Q = Flow rate (m3/h)r = Density (kg/m3)m = Viscosity (cPs)

D = Pipe Inside Diameter (mm)

Where Q = Flow rate (usgpm)

sg = Specific Gravity

m = Viscosity (cPs)

D = Pipe Inside Diameter (inch)