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The mixing impeller is attached to a shaft which is coupled to the drive to turn the impeller. As the impeller begins to push the fluid into axial and radial directions the impeller will impart a force back to the drive. Most cases there will be bearings either in the pedestal or actual shaft sleeve inside the gear reducer to take the axial and radial thrusts from the mixing impeller.

Gear Reducers andr V-Belt drives are required to reduce the motor rpm to the desired rpm of the mixing impeller.

As long as the drive selection and design takes into account the loadings from the impeller it is not necessary to purchase any "special" drives which seem to be available only from the mixing equipment companies.

A mixer can be built via purchase from any Gear Reducer manufacturer as long as the axial and radial thrusts are taken into design and in most cases a pedestal mount is incorporated between the reducer and mounting plate to add for aditional bearings.

V-Belt Designs are common for agitators that require higher mixing impeller rpm's such as 280 rpm, 420 rpm. Hence the V-Belt sheaves can accomodate for the reduction. Typical cog type belts are used to avoid slippage and maximum usage of torque.

Gear design: More info coming soon.

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